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Soccer Camp with FIFA

*The event has already taken place on this date: Fri, 07/17/2020
Innovative, academically rich soccer program via the video game FIFA 20.
The structure of the sessions will be as follows:


The warmup is physical. My goal is for the kids to break a sweat! They will need an open workout space and a water bottle (proper footwear is not required). We will creatively dribble to the beat of songs specially curated to achieve a flow state. I will teach some basics. For example, the parts of the ball (bottom, middle, top), the parts of the foot (exterior, interior, sole), and some skills (L-turns, scissors, stutter-step). Lastly, we will do some fitness. For example, burpees. Throughout the warmup, I will encourage the kids to be off-balance and to “step your feet on the beat!”. Each day, the warmup will be different.

Breakout Rooms

We’ll break into groups of two and work on techniques — controlling, passing, dribbling, and shooting. There’s a mode on FIFA 20 called Skill Games which is perfect for working on techniques. I will float back and forth through each breakout room to make corrections and check on each pair. 


The teaching part will be when the kids use their coaching boards! I will quickly explain the tactical principle of the day, using my coaching board and videos. The kids will demonstrate to me that they understand the concept on the coaching boards. 

Coach's Game 

The coach’s game, finally, is when the kids get to play! However, the coach’s game is designed for the kids to achieve the learning objectives. I will create situations where they have to perform the tactical concept of the day many times. For example, the kids might have complete two wall-passes in the creation zone before they can shoot. In the coach’s game, I give out points based on the kids’ achieving the learning outcomes — NOT winning the game. 

Free Play 

We play the final game to close out the session. The kids are encouraged to use their new skills. However, it is not required. 

Students will improve their understanding of how to integrate three key tactics, Wall-Pass, Interception, and Orientation Changes, into a winning game. They will learn tactics using a coaching board and practice what they learned in a live FIFA game!

My teaching style is fun, innovative, professional, conscientious, and very active. I pay close attention at all times to help the players learn. I'm an excellent observer. So, I'm able to make helpful comments and suggestions to develop their skills. The ratio of "close focus" (focused listening) to kinesthetic participation is 20-80, where 20% is me teaching a new idea, and 80% is the players getting to play. Even during the teaching, I'm welcoming questions. I'm also asking them questions. Therefore, the players are active at all times.

Day two layers on top of Day one, Day three is layered on top of Day two and Day one, etc. So, the players are using skills in the latter days that they're learning in the earlier days.

— Day 1 - Set Up and Basics - My primary goal for this day is to assist the kids in setting up FIFA 20 and to familiarize them with the camp’s objectives. We start with an icebreaker to create a comfortable space for kids to get to know each other. If all goes well, we will begin the session — warmup, breakout rooms, teaching, coach’s game, free play.  
Additionally, I will introduce the acronym FESPI — Focus, Effort, Strategies, Perseverance, Improvement. FESPI comes from Carol Dweck, who is a professor at the University of California at Berkeley. Dweck found in her research that parents, teachers, coaches, etc., should be conscientious about what they praise children for because children do more and more of whatever it is that garners praise. In her research, she found that children praised for FESPI develop what Dweck calls a growth mindset (as opposed to a fixed mindset). In longitudinal studies, the kids with a growth mindset grew up to be, in Dweck’s words, hearty and resilient adults. She calls this sort of praise process praise. You praise the process, not the result. Therefore, I never admire intelligence or talent. I only praise them for FESPI. I will continually refer to FESPI throughout the camp. Each day I will choose one of the five pillars of the growth mindset for that day. See the link below to Carol Dweck’s TED Talk. It has over ten million views. — The power of believing that you can improve 

*Soft Skill of the day = Focus

— Day 2 - Wall-Pass — Wall-Pass is one of the thirty tactical principles in the Spanish methodology. It is an offensive principle. Mastering it is an essential core skill of the game. In this session, students will get to practice and train it playing against their peers in the coach’s game. 
 *Soft Skill of the day = Effort
— Day 3 - Interception — Interception is one of the thirty tactical principles in the Spanish methodology. It is a defensive principle. I will teach the kids how to set up the right defensive strategies and how to prevent their adversaries from shooting. 
*Soft Skill of the day = Strategies
— Day 4 - Orientation Changes — Orientation changes are one of the thirty tactical principles in the Spanish methodology. It is an offensive principle. I will teach the players where, when, and how to do orientation changes, and why they are essential. 
*Soft Skill of the day = Perseverance
— Day 5 – World Cup! The kids will choose their favorite national teams, and we will play a tournament. The winner gets a prize. The soft skills of the day are Improvement
*Soft Skill of the day = Improvement


Need to have played soccer before
Must have played video games before
Must have FIFA 20 for XBOX or Playstation
WIFI connection
Ability to connect with ZOOM
Coaching Board 

Link to purchase coaching board -

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